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The St. Thomas More Parish Family is a vibrant,
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Please be reminded that the Fall is coming and our buildings are filling up. We ask for all the dates you wish to have a meeting, event, dinner, dance, club function or anything else scheduled at St.Thomas More during the 2008/2009 season. Please do not assume that you are on our calendars forever, as club, committee officers change, events are added and taken away, and space needs change constantly. We cannot accommodate last minute meetings for small groups, and our buildings often require personnel to open and close for a very small or a very large group.

With over 60 ministries, we need to plan way way in advance. We wish to serve the parishioners, but need help in doing so. Please make sure you contact the Richard or Dorothy at 927-7689 for the Chelsea and Spirit Centers (and the outside of these buildings) and Mary at 923-1691 for the Church and Chapel,(and the outside of these buildings) before scheduling anything.

We are a growing parish, and as a result many groups wish to use the ballroom or classrooms in the Church, Chapel, Parish Life Center or Spirit Center. Please do not assume that there will always be a room available for your groupís use. Call or email Richard ([email protected]) in advance to schedule for the Parish Life Center and Spirit Center (927-7689); call or email Mary ([email protected]) to schedule for the Church and Chapel (923-1691).  

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